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  • Gemini Athletic Jerseys Question

    A question topic that I'm sure has been asked before, but seems lightly trod in recent days: do any of you have advice on ways to purchase the current (within the last 3-4 seasons) style of Clarkson jerseys? The Gemini Athletic look has been really slick, particularly the green ones with script yellow writing. Are there options through the school or bookstore?

    As of this writing, the present listing on the bookstore website is a Champion brand white jersey, which isn't what I'd like. Are in-person selections different from the eStore? (Not that travel from Ohio to Potsdam is overly feasible...) In addition, I'm aware of past game-worn jersey sales, but can't seem to find an active link to similar/current availability on the Clarkson Athletics site anymore (aside from the now-completed auction after the Feb 4 2017 game vs SLU). Are there any tips as to points of contact for that kind of thing?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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    The selections are not different in-person. If there is a sale of past jerseys, they'll announce it on the athletic site. There has not been one aside from the auction for a couple of years. I wouldn't count on the women's away jerseys going on sale soon since the team considers them good luck from what I have heard, especially since they have now won a second national title in them. If you're really curious about game-worn jersey sales, you could email Gary Mikel from the "Contact the Webmaster" link at the bottom of the Athletics page. If he doesn't know, he can surely point you in the right direction since the athletic department isn't that big.

    If you do find anything out, please let me know, since I'm also hoping to buy a game-worn jersey if they go on sale.