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Canisius @ Clarkson for 2

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  • Canisius @ Clarkson for 2

    Well, I sure hope that we've hit rock bottom, but the Golden Knights get to feed on AHA foe Canisius for two games at Cheel Arena after digesting their holiday turkey.

    I know a lot of people here haven't seen the Griffs; I'm not even sure as Clarkson has ever faced them. I see them just about every season coming through West Point and the one thing you will notice about them is that they are a tough, hard-hitting team. They have gained a reputation as a dirty team in AHA circles, but I've never seen that from them against the Black Knights. That may in part be due to the respect that some coaches demand their players show to the military academies.

    The Griffs offense is usually a result of their physical style. They like to hit and they like to take advantage of opportunities that occur because of hits. Their top line of Weeks, Heidinger, and the freshman Kostuch have combined for over 40 points in 12 games.

    I haven't seen the Griffs yet this year, but their biggest glaring problem last year was goaltending. They have brought in Dan Morrison who came from Elmira in the "lesser known" MWJHL but he left that league with a team record GAA and Save Percentage as well as the league MVP trophy. He has had the ups and downs of a freshman goaltender but he's clearly made his case for the #1 goaltender's spot.

    The Knights would be well served not to take this team lightly. At this point, their .500 record is something we're looking up at.

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    Clarkson has never faced Canisius in their history.
    Ooooooooooooookay and SLU(t) still sucks


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      True, we haven't. And we need a pair of wins to help restore some confidence!

      They don't even have to be pretty wins...Just Win Baby!!!! and I've never been an Al Davis fan...
      Rich S


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        Tuesday, November 25, 2008

        Well, guess what is coming to Cheel Arena this weekend?

        The Canisius Griffins....and what pray tell is a griffin?

        The griffin is a mythical quadruped with the foreparts of an eagle and the rear, tail, and hindquarters of a lion. Its eagle-like head had pointed, upstanding ears like those of an ass. Feathers grew upon its head, neck, and chest, and the rest of the griffin's body was covered in leonine fur, subtly colored in shades of tawny brown.


        Let's hope the spectacle that image creates falls far short of the number of goals the Golden Knights score. It is definitely time for the team to get out of the funk some of them have been submerged in for way too long.



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          Searching for the bottom of this team is almost as painful as finding the stock market bottom.
          Who thought fans would be looking for wins against Canisius for renewed hope....


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            This team will reward us for the initial pain in the end. I have that feeling.


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              Dangerous part is, if we lose to this team, all confidence is lost. I'm inclined to close my eyes for this one.


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                Keep the Faith
                we always have a good 2nd half of the season
                Ooooooooooooookay and SLU(t) still sucks


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                  HAPPY THANKSGIVING


                  Coaches George Roll, Greg Drechsel, and John-Francois Houle and their families

                  The Golden Knights and their families

                  The Roundtable readers, with a special note of thanks to Scott Comstock for providing us with the opportunity to discuss Clarkson hockey

                  We hope you have a wonderful day.



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                    B2 is down.
                    CCT '77 & '78


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                      Is there a WCKN broadcast of this game? If the students running the WCKN broadcast are on vacation, then there is nothing to broadcast.

                      Did the Princeton broadcast work last Sat? I remember trying to get it started, but I got busy and forgot to start it in the background.


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                        Canisus 4 Clarkson 3 OT

                        The score says it all.

                        The Good
                        Not a damn thing.

                        The Not So Good
                        The final score.

                        End of story.

                        Fan of the 2014 , 2017 & 2018 NC$$ Women's Div I Hockey National Champions
                        If Union can do it, why can't CCT


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                          CCT '77 & '78


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                            All is not lost ?

                            ok, hard to specifically comment on a game we could not SEE (thanks, B2) - but from what I heard - unlike Vic I would say that at least the PP scored 2 goals: it was not a blow out - ok that's all I can find to say positively...Let's hope Defazio is not seriously hurt; that D'Alvise is not out for tomorrow's game. Reserving judgement on the D lineup - I don't think it is a fair comparison yet -if this line up can prevail at Cornell & Colgate next weekend I will agree with the decision - LGT! LGT! LGT!


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                              Well, I took OT at work and missed tonight's game. It's unfortunate to see that D'Alvise will be out tomorrow night. Any word on Defazio's injury?

                              I see they moved Marshall to a defensive spot for the game. He is a hard worker, but I really don't think you could single one defenseman out that had to sit based on last weekend's performance. Every defenseman played poorly and the team played bad defense (with the possible exception of Bellows who I thought was above average last weekend).

                              It's good to see the PP go 2 for 4 and it's good to see Cayer was back in the lineup. I think tomorrow night might be a good night to give LaVeau a game in goal.