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    Originally posted by Muskieman View Post
    The REAL BAD - #11 for 'Gate absolutely drilled Tuttle from behind into the boards late in the 3rd, and no call. Should have been at least a double minor, and really should have been 5 mins. and a game DQ. Then, they call Tuttle for a minor with less than 2 mins. left in regulation. #11 got away with a real dirty and cheap hit. How 4 officials can miss that is incredulous to me. It did not go unnoticed by the TWC announcers. At least Tuttle appears to be OK.

    There are still 14 ECAC games left for Clarkson. Mark my words .... if you guys can stay healthy, you will finish 3rd or 4th when it's all over.

    LGT and Go "Sluzers"

    An SLUzer fan right now that has more faith than me in terms of where we will end up at the end of the year. Last year required 25 points to get into the top 4. In order to reach this level would require Clarkson to go no worse than 11-1-0 over their last 12 league games (The 1998-99 Team did just that and ended up in first place but they were not in last at this juncture). I just don't see that happening. They are gonna have to fight like hell just to make it into home ice for round 1 of the playoffs. Keys to the second half of the year:

    2) TIGHTEN UP THE D in front of Karpowich. Can't keep giving up 4 goals or more in games and expect to win
    3) PUT THE PUCK IN THE NET. Gotta start scoring more than 2 goals a game.

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      Sunday, December 7, 2008 10:45 AM

      Apparently, Colgate has two outrageous critters who did not get their comeuppance this past weekend from the incompetent zebras:

      #11 is Tom Riley

      #4 is Corbin McPherson

      Riley will be remembered on Friday, January 30, when Colgate comes to Cheel for his intent to injure Dan Tuttle. Listening to the radio broadcast, even Bob Ahlfeld was very concerned about this hit on Dan, who remained motionless for a while.

      McPherson will undoubtedly be remembered on Saturday, January 31, when Colgate arrives at Appleton, for an obvious and nasty move with his stick against an SLU player after he scored a goal.

      All we need is to have competency among the officials so that no one is seriously hurt. Are you listening Paul Stewart, Commander In Chief of the referees?


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        Sunday, December 7, 2008 2:45 PM

        Here is a paraphrased summary of Bob Ahlfeld's and George Roll's post-game conversation.

        George said this was the most grade-A chances the Golden Knights have had in a while. We had three defensemen out, and Louke Oakley played as a defenseman. During Periods 2 and 3, George felt we had better chances, but Clarkson could not find the go-ahead goal. Both teams worked hard.

        Toknight we found a way to get a point on the road. George was disappointed over a hit on Dan there was no call. Later when Dan returned to the ice, a marginal call was made against Dan.

        George expressed concern about Phil Paquet's ankle injury, as Phil did not play in Period 3. George was proud of the Golden Knight's effort.


        Congratulations to our goal scorers and their assistants:

        1. Lauri Tuohimaa with help from Scott Freeman and Julien Cayer

        2. Chris D'Alvise with the assist given to Jake Morley

        3. Chris D'Alvise with assists awarded to Phil Paquet and Matt Beca


        Unfortunately, after the conclusion of last knight's games, the Golden Knights once again find themselves not where they wanted to be....with three win....six losses...and one tie.

        Study hard and do well on your exams this coming week, guys.

        We hope you are all feeling better and rested when you travel to Bowling Green for two games December 18 and 19.

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          The hit on Tuttle was a classic 5 minute major and probably a game misconduct if not a DQ. Absolutely stunning there was a no call. STUNNING!!!!!!

          Paul Stewart............Either school your refs or get out of the game. A two ref system and a no-call on that play Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sick!!!


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            Watched the third period and OT on TW26. The hit from behind on Tuttle was a major penalty and all 4 officials were LOOKING RIGHT AT IT. If that is not called, I'm not sure what a hit from behind is.

            That said, were still not a good hockey team.
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              Originally posted by Brett Gobe View Post
              Watched the third period and OT on TW26. The hit from behind on Tuttle was a major penalty and all 4 officials were LOOKING RIGHT AT IT. If that is not called, I'm not sure what a hit from behind is.

              That said, were still not a good hockey team.

              Ditto! On everything you said.
              Let's Go Tech!