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    Muskegon had listed Staudacher with a Clarkson logo on their line chart earlier on in the pre-season, he now has no logo next to his name, he's also taken CU out of his twitter bio, safe to say he will be looking at a B1G/top HE/NCHC school, really hope he doesn't end up at a conference foe.

    Have to imagine McFaul will be wanting to come in next season if his academics are in order and then we have Ginnetti who is in his final year of junior hockey and to be honest I really will be rooting for him, took the jump to the USHL to become a more complete player, bounced around but seemed to find a home in Omaha and it has seemed he's become a more complete player, we only lose Thow barring an early departure but we are only carrying 8 defenseman currently so we could bounce back up to 9 the next season I would imagine, it'd especially help transitioning into the next season with losing Kuzmeski, Moro, Schneider to graduation.
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      Originally posted by Bill'70 View Post
      So what started the goalie merry go round the transfer for next year the new recruit or Bischel decommitting ?
      Bischel already signed the NLI so the ball was in his court, I would imagine he asked out of it and we hopefully put restrictions on it. Goalies haven't been nearly as hard to come by with Hauge on staff, I'm sure someone had a connection with Oldham and he was probably shopping himself around a little, took a few visits and took in a few pitches, there'd be no point in going to a place with no opportunity for someone in his position. It also aligns the goalie situation for years to come, with Kielly probably leaving I don't know whether Oldham will get one or two years of eligibility, if Latinovich or Janzen aren't seeing time I'd expect at least one of them maybe both to try and transfer to see some time elsewhere. As for the future recruits, Mucitelli is a March/2000 birth year who is probably going to split time in the USHL this season and he would be brought in if there were a transfer only if he properly develops and then Haider a year after or they could both potentially come the same year but those two will create a nice battle when they step on campus, only should need a walk on behind those two and the goaltending situation should be stable for years to come.


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        Romano at 74 -

        Another writer on the same site has Romano at 111 -

        He's not playing for Aurora and he made the jump to Sioux Falls of the USHL where he's had a nice preseason so far including 3 assists last night against the defending champions of the USHL Fargo and former Clarkson commit Ryan Bischel, notice the shot totals as well, he has been described as someone who can really score -


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          Obviously we are seeing the results of the end of the gentleman's agreement in college hockey (sepecially by the B1G, NCHC and HE) not to talk to and get committed recruits to flip. It is only gonna get worse, especially for the ECAC.

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            Bischel has less than impressive numbers.....he may have decomitted or we may have walked away.
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              I love this thread


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                Originally posted by vicb View Post
                Obviously we are seeing the results of the end of the gentleman's agreement in college hockey (sepecially by the B1G, NCHC and HE) not to talk to and get committed recruits to flip. It is only gonna get worse, especially for the ECAC.
                College hockey recruiting is all very interesting, you have to recruit these young kids because you're trying to sway them from becoming 15-16 year old professionals. You push hard for a kid to commit at 15/16 years old but they haven't even been exposed to the process so when they take multiple visits at 17/18 they might decide they want to flip their "commitment". Kids change their mind all the time at that age, ultimately the kid should choose where he wants to spend the next stage of his life and hopefully all factors are being considered. Obviously Staudacher was a great recruit but we really don't even know the scenario, he could've been asked to push back a year with limited space for next season and in his mind he thinks he will be ready for college hockey next fall, Phil could've been his primary recruiter as well, kids rarely pick a school, they pick who they believe can get them to the next level. I don't even want to get into the over recruiting tactics that some of the B1G powers have started up but it's not going to change and us small schools usually get a diamond in the rough because of those situations.


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                  Romano has been given a B by NHL central scouting on their first list which means they're projecting him to be a 2nd or 3rd rounder, a long time before the draft but that's something we haven't seen in quite some time. He probably didn't hurt his case going for a goal and four assists in two games at the USHL fall classic.
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                    Romano gained a lot of attention at the USHL showcase, this guy in the link below is obviously taking a flyer as he states and this is not where I've seen him grouped but he's a really nice recruit, wouldn't be shocked to see him go in the 2nd round but he has a huge 7-8 months ahead of himself, still feel as if we are going to have to fight off a few OHL teams but him going the USHL route was a step in the right direction.

                    David Silye has 6 goals, 14 assists in 12 games for Penticton, dating back to his 2nd half of last season with Nanaimo he's dominated the BCHL, it's always nice to have good connections with such a resourceful junior program like they have in Penticton and Silye seems to be acclimating himself just fine.

                    Dustyn McFaul has gotten off to an ok start with Pickering where he has 1 goal, 5 assists in 13 games. His team doesn't seem to have much scoring so that's probably limiting his offensive production, he's going to need to step in right away and push for minutes with his pedigree so hopefully he made the correct decision for his development staying in Ontario rather than playing for Cedar Rapids.
                    There's a good chance we'll have a wire-to-wire No. 1 draft prospect this season as Jack Hughes is the same kind of stand out talent we've seen recently from the likes of Connor McDavid, Auston Matthews and Rasmus Dahlin. But after that, a lot of movement can happen.


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                      Romano in at 55


                      ANALYSIS: Here’s a real sleeper for 2019 that everybody should be taking notice of. Romano is off to a good start as a USHL rookie and Sportsnet’s Sam Cosentino shockingly had him as a first-rounder in his October rankings. That is probably a reach — or a flyer, as Cosentino called it — but I trust his judgement as one of the better talent hawks when it comes to the Canadian junior circuits. Romano spent last season with Aurora in the tier-II Ontario league, so Cosentino would have got the book on him from that loop, and my USHL sources are also liking what they’re seeing in a small sample size so far.
                      Several prospects are off to a hot start in their draft year, rocketing up the rankings for 2019. Here are 10 of the big risers from my top 124 in October.


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                        Jordan Robert signed NLI today


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                          Former commit Ryan Bischel committed to Notre Dame


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                            Silye is up to 13 goals and 25 assists in 28 games for Penticton which is top 5 in the BCHL, Alex Campbell is right behind him with 11 goals and 24 assists in 27 games which is top 10 in the league. With Campbell being a high end creative player that's probably going to go in the top 3 rounds of the NHL draft I think we could use him ASAP and wouldn't be surprised to see him come in next fall as a true freshman if academics are in order, only one junior season is rare but he's already showing he's ready for the next stage of his development. Tsekos becoming eligible will also provide a lot more depth so we could afford a few injuries that are bound to happen which we just don't have the luxury of this season.

                            Cam Ginnetti just got traded to Cedar Rapids and has an assist in 3 games played with CR, that's his 4th USHL team in 2 years so hopefully this one works out for him, he showed in the BCHL what he is capable of when playing his best and he's still listed as a Clarkson commit even though he committed back in January of 2016 so this is his last season with junior eligibility, it's either Clarkson or somewhere else for him next season. McFaul is another gem of this class with him being a 6th round draft pick of the Bruins, his team in the OJHL just isn't good so it's truly hard to judge how he's progressing but he has 3 goals and 6 assists in 25 games for Pickering, there could have been personal reasons as to why he didn't move to the USHL but because of it I think he will be eased in next season adjusting to the pace of play, we will have a lot of veteran defenders that can help him adjust and his upside is tremendous, he will have just turned 19 when he hits campus next fall.

                            Robert and Silye signed their NLIs and if I recall correctly Romano sent his in last year so those 3 plus Campbell would make for a pretty dynamic forward group, Ginnetti and McFaul for Thow definitely creates more competition in practice and gets us back to the normal 9 defensemen if everyone stays. There could always be moves that pop up out of nowhere kind of like losing Dickinson last year but we have some options available that will help us deal with those sudden changes because of our success on ice and off ice with recruiting. With only two senior forwards I wouldn't be surprised if the staff is under the impression Sturm is probably leaving early, he should have a big year and plenty of offers so we will see. Kielly will also be in question and the Oldham move basically paints the picture and like Nico I will be wishing the best for Jake and I hope he has a successful professional career that I will most definitely be keeping tabs on. Those two guys have been integral in our turnaround and will be remembered as Clarkson greats regardless of when they leave.

                            It's going to be a tough forward unit to crack next season even if Sturm leaves

                            Brosseau, Cooper, Dunne, Egle, Jacome are already in a lot of crucial situations this season, I'm hopeful for progression with already good players in Campoli, Charyszyn, Klack, Tisdale, Tsekos. Callin, Collins, MacLean give you great 200 foot play and speed and then you add Robert to that list if he comes in healthy and stays that way. Campbell, Romano, Silye will all have the mentality to want to play from day one and produce from day one and having watched them play a few games each that's a definite possibility but it's a lot easier said then done, Romano will be the most prepared with the pace because of the experience playing in the USHL but Alex Campbell is super skilled and I wouldn't be shocked to see him put up some nice numbers as a true freshman.
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                              And the mystery continues, Mathieu Gosselin committed to Clarkson tonight, 14 goals and 20 assists in 30 games to lead Merritt. He's a 99 brith year from Quebec and was told he committed to us over a few b1g time programs. I've actually watched him a few times this season via the MyHockeyTV game of the week which is free and now I actually bought a black friday monthly subscription for 2.99 (normally 30$ and depending on which arena the game is at the camera guy will give you a headache within 3 minutes of watching) and he looked like a dynamic offensive talent. When watching Alex Campbell the same could be said and he's 2 years younger, now Campbell plays on a line with two blue chip recruits going to Hockey East so it's not all him but he reminds me of Jacome with how calm he looks with the puck. The only thing with both Campbell and Gosselin is they need to fill out their frame, Tad has been awesome with both programs really getting the most out of each individual and he will have to again here with these two but I want to reiterate that you can't teach some of the creativity these guys pull off.

                              As a 99 birth year and with him having a good year in his 2nd full BCHL season you have to project him to come next season but there has to be some sort of corresponding move one would think. It's a good problem to have if we don't want to push out any talent that we've already got committed to us and there's scholarship money available somehow, it's a bad problem to have if this results in Brosseau or Egle leaving early strictly from a competitive standpoint, they deserve pro hockey if that's the case and I will be following them closely.
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                                I agree, the numbers do not make sense.

                                We lose Thow, Quince and Juho....seniors.

                                We bring in Robert, Silye, Tsekos, Romano, Gosselin, Mcfaul, Ginnetti, Pearce, Oldham.

                                That means we lose non seniors......Kielly, Sturm, Brosseau, Egle??? Does Ginnetti fit and Pearce?

                                A mystery indeed.
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