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  • Originally posted by petal View Post
    Anyone else watch the presser? Notice Tech being questioned about being under appreciated/not getting respect?
    Unfortunately that is women's hockey as a whole but I think there's been a recent push to try and change that, Clarkson definitely has respect within the inner circles of women's hockey, olympic year or not we are a threat anytime we get into the tournament.


    • Here's a link to the post-game press conferences through the University of Minnesota YouTube page. Clarkson coverage starts at 23:15

      A highlight for me, "I kinda blacked out, really," said Giguere of her GWG. "Like, I can't really remember what happened."

      "I wish I could make plays like that when I black out," replies Coach Desrosiers (I think? Not sure who else could have had a mic.)
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      • I think there's something to be said for location in terms of a) Clarkson in "national" women's hockey coverage, and b) Clarkson's ability to pull elite talent from Ontario. Women's hockey media (writing, blogging, video coverage, streaming options, etc.) is growing in the US and Canada. I am grateful that USCHO, SB Nation, The Ice Garden, The Athletic, and such are devoting time to the sport. As a consequence, however, the coverage can be localized. The best, most consistent writers are in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Boston, leaving Upstate New York as a bit of a blind spot. I'm a guilty party to this, of course: I'm not regularly writing about hockey, so I'm not one to be throwing stones here. And this issue is exclusive to women's hockey - Upstate NY simply isn't a population hub, and Clarkson isn't a giant public university.

        Location also puts Clarkson in a nice spot (relative to big WCHA schools, or big Hockey East schools) for picking Ontario talent. That combines with an (evidently) stellar coaching staff to create the kind of program we're seeing today. And it's worth noting, that player talent is great on a head-to-head level against the big names, too. Rattray, Mercer, Gabel were all in the Patty Kaz discussion, Renata Fast was a Canadian Olympian, and Rattray, Mercer, Howe are all nominees for CWHL awards this year.

        I'd like to hope that continued national success shines a brighter light this way, that more journalists will find a few good stories in this tiny hockey stronghold in the middle of nowhere. I also understand why it's hard to get to Potsdam, and further cements how lucky we've been to get good coverage from the Watertown Daily Times. Really though, so long as the players continue to buy in, and the coaches continue to do great work, the national light isn't fully necessary (even though it would be nice).


        • Oh, I agree-I just thought it was interesting that that question was asked twice I think, like they were feeling for a chip on the shoulder and trying to get the team to admit it or something. Coach Desrosier's answer was great and very diplomatic.
          TCS '96, CU '00


          • Giguere's goal was just named as Sportcenter's #1 play of the day!


            • Congrats once again ladies!
              Look forward to seeing the new banner in the fall


              • Congrat's to the back to back national champions!

                I loved Shannon Desrosier's interview & her comment about her new job of coaching Potsdam mites hockey. The Desrosier's putting down roots helps slightly calm my huge fear of MD getting tempted by big time offers to leave Clarkson. I'm sure Tony Collins is on top of it, but that discussion can wait for another day.

                Hope the ladies get a nice reception when they arrive back on campus.
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                • Some records set or tied by Clarkson's 2018 NC$$ Champions:

                  Since the NC$$ Tournament went to 8 teams in 2005

                  Fewest Goals Scored in 3 games by the Champion: 5
                  Old Record 2006 Wisconsin: 6

                  Winning Margin in 3 games by the Champion: GF5 - GA2 =3
                  Tied with 2010 Minn Duluth GF8 GA5

                  Frozen 4 Records including 2001 thru 2004

                  Fewest Goals Scored in the Frozen 4 by the Champion: 3
                  Old Record 2006 Wisconsin: 4

                  Winning Margin in Frozen 4 By the Champion: GF3-GA1=2
                  Tied with 2002 and 2010 Minn Duluth GF6-GA4

                  Fan of the 2014 , 2017 & 2018 NC$$ Women's Div I Hockey National Champions
                  If Union can do it, why can't CCT


                  • Today's arrival and Cap's interviews.

                    CCT '77 & '78


                    • Originally posted by keener83 View Post
                      Hope the ladies get a nice reception when they arrive back on campus.
                      I believe campus is on spring break this week, so the big celebration will be next week.


                      • So my girlfriend has a NCAA champions t-shirt now but sadly, I do not. Only available in small and medium???


                        • A Salute to the 2018 Women’s Frozen Four

                          It was a Friday in Minneapolis
                          To the Ridder Arena they came
                          Four teams on a mission
                          Only one would win their last game

                          Clarkson was number one
                          The Ohio State stood in their way
                          A goaltending dual was played
                          By Tiley and Sauve

                          A Buckeye goal in Regulation
                          A laser shot by Jincy Dunn
                          But the referee called a penalty
                          The Buckeyes did not lead by one

                          Back and forth into overtime
                          Who would be the hero
                          Pejzlova to Giguere to Gable
                          Clarkson wins by one to zero

                          Wisconsin was the number two seed
                          A victory would make their fans dance
                          Colgate was number three
                          They did not stand a chance

                          But Colgate was on a mission
                          On Sunday they wanted to play
                          And meet the Champions Clarkson
                          For an all ECAC day

                          The goals went back and forth
                          Regulation ended three to three
                          In OT Wilson-Bennett scored
                          Colgate wins, whopee

                          Sunday in Minnesota they met
                          An NCAA title on the line
                          For Clarkson number three
                          Colgate their first would be fine

                          The first goal was scored by Vinkle
                          And Clarkson was in the lead
                          But Schneider tied it in the second
                          Zafuto with a beautiful feed.

                          One to one was the score
                          Another goaltending dual being played
                          Vandyk and Tiley were on
                          The goal scorers were dismayed

                          To overtime they battled
                          Who would score the next one
                          Elizabeth Giguere of Clarkson
                          Goal number two and Colgate was done

                          To Colgate, Wisconsin and The Ohio State
                          I salute your dedication and play
                          And to the coaches of these fine women
                          A championship may come some day

                          To my Golden Knights I have followed
                          Since the beginning in 2004
                          Thank you Thank you Thank you
                          Each year you make my spirits soar.

                          Matt, Britini and Tony
                          You are the coaching staff supreme
                          And the women of Clarkson hockey
                          You are the meaning of the word team

                          Fan of the 2014 , 2017 & 2018 NC$$ Women's Div I Hockey National Champions
                          If Union can do it, why can't CCT


                          • Sung to the tune of "good old hockey game"



                              The translation leaves a lot to be desired.

                              Fan of the 2014 , 2017 & 2018 NC$$ Women's Div I Hockey National Champions
                              If Union can do it, why can't CCT


                              • Originally posted by vicb View Post

                                The translation leaves a lot to be desired.
                                Last year, Élizabeth Giguère was still a student at Cégep Limoilou in the Humanities and a player on the Titans' women's hockey team. A year later, she is already shining in her first year in the National Collegial Athletic Association (NCAA) Division 1, the highest level of college sport in the United States! Her team, the Clarkson Golden Knights, has just won the final of the Frozen Four, the playoff final of six university hockey conferences.

                                Elizabeth scored her team's overtime goal in both semifinal and final! Pascal Dufresne, head coach of the Titans, told the Journal de Québec: "I knew she would have an impact when she left, but I did not think it would be so dominant in her first season. She does things in the NCAA as easily as she does in the college circuit. People said dhe was too strong for the college network and needed new challenges, but it continues in the same way. This is also impressive. "

                                Already, during her time with Cégep Limoilou, Élizabeth was able to stand out as a hockey player. Named Collegiate Rookie of the Year on her arrival with the Titans, a 2015 Canada Games Winning Team Quebec member, she also made the difference by winning in her team's victories at the 2016 and 2017 Provincial Championships.