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CLARKSON versus quinnipiac

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  • CLARKSON versus quinnipiac

    How great to hear the Clarkson Pep Band playing in the background in Hamden, CT. Let's hope their enthusiasm transfers to the Clarkson Golden Knights' play on the ice.

    We will be underway shortly. I just caught the very end of Coach Roll's comments to Bob Ahlfeld, and he was sincere in thanking the Booster Club and the Pep Band for their undying support throughout the season.

    We are a bit delayed due to the recognition of Quinnipiac's seniors playing in their last regular season game toknight.

    Goldie Knight
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    David Leggio saved a wrap around in the first minute of play....the puck went directly through the crease....and not into the net.


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      The Golden Knights are struggling right now to get the puck out of their zone. The Q's have taken four shots on goal already.

      Early pressure by the Q's.


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        Princeton defeated St. Lawrence 4 ~ 1 this afternoon

        Bobcat penalty, well okay.

        Clarkson controls the puck....and shoots narrowly missing scoring....several great hit the crossbar and then the post but stayed out.


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          12:10 left in Period 1.

          Clarkson seems to be playing a lot better toknight than last.


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            Bobcats are on the power play....Tyrell Mason called for hooking...oh dear.

            Nick Dodge, winning the faceoff, moved around the defenseman and had a great shot on we love Clarkson shorthanded time Nick.

            Bobcats are held scoreless on their power play....well alright.


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              High intensity game. Great TV broadcast.


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                Clarkson has been playing well since the first two minutes of Period 1.

                The Q's are ahead in shooting....six to four.

                Shawn Weller just stole the puck and shot on goal.

                6:07 left in Period 1.



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                  Hi Dick,

                  It's nice to hear from you. We are down here in Florida...with no television thank goodness for the radio station.

                  Matching minors....Matt Curley goes to the penalty box.


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                    Chris D'Alvise stole the puck and shot the puck at Bud Fisher...the Q's goalie. Way to go Chris.....keep up that great pressure.

                    Tyrell Mason is called for a penalty....his second of the knight.

                    Another shot at David Leggio, who is definitely playing a lot better this evening than last.

                    Penalty is over for the Q's.

                    1:10 left in Period 1.


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                      Period 1 ends in a zero ~ zero tie.

                      The Q had 14 shots on goal....Clarkson had seven shots on goal.


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                        As of now, three ECAC teams have secured end-of-the-season spots:

                        CLARKSON....second place....up from eighth place last year....the greatest improvement!

                        SLU...first place....up from fifth place last year.

                        Princeton....sixth place.....up from ninth place last year.

                        Period 2 is almost ready to begin.

                        LET'S GO TECHERS....ON TO VICTORY TOKNIGHT!


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                          The Q is called for a penalty for roughing only eight seconds into Period 2.

                          There is water on the ice....not a good thing for Clarkson's power play.

                          David Cayer took a great shot on goal, which was stopped by the Q's goaltender.

                          Clarkson's power play is over....with no results.


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                            The Golden Knights are playing much more physically toknight than last.

                            Nick Dodge takes another shot on goal....and the Bobcats are called for a hooking isn't that great news?

                            This is Clarkson's third power play.

                            Shea Guthrie split the defense and dropped the pass to Mike Sullivan who took a shot on goal.

                            Three shots on the Q's goaltender...who stops them all....too bad.

                            Power play is over for Clarkson.

                            13:33 left in Period 2.


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                              The Q's go on their third power play....Adam Bellows goes to the penalty box.

                              Be tough, Clarkson Golden Knights.

                              David Leggio makes a pad save on a redirected shot.

                              Mike Sullivan gets through the defensemen to take a nice shot on goal.

                              Jeremiah Crowe clears the puck out of the Clarkson zone. (I like the way Jeremiah plays hockey...a great level of intensity.)

                              Power play is over....good job, Clarkson Golden Knights.